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 Voice Lessons in Austin, TX and Worldwide by Skype

Voice Lessons in Austin

Octave Higher East is a vocal studio teaching voice lessons in Austin, Texas.

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I believe singing is the ability to artfully communicate the essence and emotion of a song. To actually make a listener or audience feel the emotions of a song is the true goal of singing. Unfortunately for many, singing seems like something that you’re either born with, or not.

The truth is:

With the right singing technique, anyone can learn to sing!

Whether you’re singing rock, pop or musical theatre, the human voice allows us to connect with people at a level that is more beautiful and satisfying than just the notes on the page. The right vocal technique will allow you to sing notes freely, expressively and in a voice that is completely your own.

If you’re brand new to singing, congratulations on starting this awesome journey. Take a look at some of the weekly blogs and videos. Or if you’re a seasoned pro or just want to get started right away, consider booking a trial free voice lesson. In either case, you’ll find that just like anything else, singing gets deeper the more you practice it.

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Train your voice with personalized voice lessons and songs that meet your specific goals.

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Free recording of voice lessons, weekly blogs and great repertoire consultations.

voice lessons in austin

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Voice Lessons in Austin

Voice Lessons in Austin, TX

Certified vocal coaches at Octave Higher East teach singing lessons using the Speech Level Singing (SLS) and Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) methods.

Whether you want to hit high notes without falsetto, get more control of your voice or gain confidence onstage, voice lessons with the Octave Higher East Voice Studio can help you achieve your goals.

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About Octave Higher East

Teachers at Octave Higher East use the Institute for Vocal Advancement technique; widely regarded as one of the most successful vocal techniques. The IVA and SLS techniques are used by over 100 Grammy winners in every genre of music.

Vocal students ages 7 and up are welcome to attend Octave Higher East for singing lessons from an IVA certified instructor.

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