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Train your voice with personalized voice lessons and songs that meet your specific goals.

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Get the power of one-on-one voice lessons from the comfort of your home.

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Get high quality recordings of our voice lessons, access to a weekly blog answering student questions and great repertoire consultations

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Voice Lessons in Austin, TX

Certified vocal coaches at Octave Higher East teach singing lessons in Austin using Speech Level Singing and The Institute for Vocal Advancement Technique (IVA).

Whether you want to hit high notes with power, get more control of your voice or gain confidence onstage, voice lessons in Austin, TX with the Octave Higher East Voice Studio can help you achieve your goals.

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About Octave Higher East

Octave Higher East is a vocal studio teaching voice lessons in Austin, Texas.

Teachers at Octave Higher East use the Institute for Vocal Advancement technique; widely regarded as one of the most successful vocal techniques. The IVA technique is used by over 100 Grammy winners in every genre of music.

Vocal students ages 7 and up are welcome to attend Octave Higher East for singing lessons from an IVA certified instructor.

To learn more about the business or book a voice lesson, go to Book Singing Lessons