The Studio to Stage Workshop

Workshop Advanced

Did you know that 95% of a major artist’s revenue comes from their live show?

You heard that right!

Not CDs. Not publishing.

The live show.

But somehow when artists perform live, they feel they have to be spontaneous and “wing it” on stage which leads to mixed reviews from their audience.

If you ask these same artists if they rehearse for recording, they’ll say “of course”. Why do we treat the live show differently?

Artists have difficulty understanding that the live show needs to have a vision and be rehearsed to be great every time.

On Saturday June 27th, 2015, I will co-host the Studio to Stage Workshop in Austin, TX. There will be two 2-hour workshops. Beginner and Advanced levels offered.

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The 3 Most Common Vocal Mistakes

Homer SimpsonA new video blog I made about the 3 Most Common Vocal Mistakes people make in their voice lessons and how to fix them!

As a review, generally people are going to want to make one of these three mistakes when performing their exercises in the studio and at home.

They will:

-Get louder as they go up (increasing weight/strain)

-Get quieter as they go up (losing vocal fold closure)

-Or lose the vowel (generally going “wide” which will probably increase strain)

Learn to anticipate and fix these mistakes and you are ahead in the game!