Muscle Memory

Get More Muscle Memory | Octave Higher TV E15

Muscle Memory

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to sing (or play golf, or write novels, or anything difficult) so effortlessly?

It turns out that while everyone has different talents, there are also distinct ways in which every person’s brain works to master a skill.

Many call it “muscle memory.”

But Paula Starche asks: “What is muscle memory? And is it true that it takes 20 times of doing something before it is ingrained?”

This week we take a look at so-called muscle memory and learn how it works to make some people do incredible things so darn easily.

Curse of Imitation

The Curse of Imitation | Octave Higher TV E13

Trying to imitate another singer’s voice and style is a common goal among new students.

They ask: “Can you teach me to sing like Adele“, or “My friends say I sound like Sam Smith. Can you help me sound more like him?”

There is no time for a fresh start and perspective on your voice than when taking singing lessons.

A huge part of what we do in voice lessons is get to your “real” voice; that beautiful you-ness underneath the garbage of imitation.

Think that sounds harsh? I’ve been there.

In this episode, I talk about how I spent years trying to imitate my favorite singer/songwriter and how that just held me back. Then I discuss some tools to help you find your voice so you don’t make the same mistake.


Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures

How the Pros Do Voice Lessons | Octave Higher TV E12

An Interview with Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures

This week, I am truly honored to interview Kevin and Candace Collins of the local Austin funk/soul/blues band Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures.

In addition to being great students, Kevin and Candace are also the lead singers of this very popular (and busy) 8-piece funk band. You can find them nearly every night of the weekend playing hour-plus gigs at any one of Austin’s venues.

Using their voices so often, I wondered if professional musicians treat voice lessons differently from other people?

I talked to Kevin and Candace to find out.