How Full is Your Tank?

Inspiring Yourself to Succeed | Octave Higher TV E19

Another huge reason people feel discouraged is they work and work without ever filling up their artistic tank.

Many have the discipline to work hard, but they aren’t feeling inspired. Inspiration is the antidote to discouragement. And your artistic tank is that place where you can pull that inspiration from.

As emotional animals we need deep, emotional reasons to work hard at challenging new skills like singing.

So when you’re feeling down, how can you lift yourself up and become inspired again?

Go out and do SOMETHING.


As long as it’s new to you.

Take it all in. You will see lots of other people who are on the same journey as you and they may help you find a new perspective.

You live in AUSTIN! Get out and enjoy it!

Here’s a bunch of FREE resources for a quick fill up.



The Common Interest Karaoke Bar

Ego’s Karaoke Bar



Moneyball–The GM of a poor baseball team uses science to create a championship team

Sideways–A wine geek overcomes his phobias and gets the girl in the beautiful central coast region of California

Milk–Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk, a tenacious gay rights activist who is the first openly homosexual man to win public office in 1977



Blanton Museum of Art—Free every Thursday

Mexic-Arte Museum—Free Sundays from noon-5PM

Capitol Building—Always Free


Dance Class

Free Swing Class followed by open dance at the Fed—Thursdays 8-midnight

Free Bachata and Salsa Lessons at the Oasis—Sundays at 6:15

Free Two Stepping Lesson and dance—Saturdays 7-10PM


Improv/Stand Up

Free Improv show at The New Movement—Mondays at 8PM

Free Stand Up Shows at Coldtowne Theatre—Mondays at 10PM

Free Improv class at The Hideout—Saturdays at 4:30PM


Inspirational youtube videos

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks explicitly about his slow rise to fame and success.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about how art isn’t as subjective as we think.

Derek Sivers explains why you need to fail in order to succeed.