Keep the Song Special

Keep the Song Special

Great performance is about sharing the special things that YOU love about a song with OTHERS.

And it’s incredibly hard to share the songs you love in an authentic way unless you practice them an insane amount. Unfortunately, with practice, you will also get tired of some of the songs you love.

Ultimately, you have to decide who you’re performing for.

So are you having a two sided conversation with your audience, or are you just talking to yourself?

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Beating Nasality

Many of my students come to me with questions about beating nasality.

Singing with nasality is a big concern for many professional singers.

It CAN be easier to sing with nasality than without due to the higher amount of resonance that the singer feels when singing nasal. However, it’s important to remember that this is a crutch that we want to avoid overusing.

Singing without as much nasality can be a bit like singing blind if you’re used to the nasality so I thought I’d share 3 tips for beating nasality.

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Too Young/Old

Am I Too Young/Old to Sing? | Octave Higher TV E38

I believe that everyone, regardless of their age, should be able to enjoy the art of singing.

Admittedly, I’m a little biased in believing that EVERYONE should take voice lessons, no matter their level, so I reached out to Alida Annicchiarico, my coteacher in Vancouver Canada because she specializes in health and wellness in singing.

I interviewed Alida to get her take on whether ANYONE is too Young or Old to begin singing.
Check out Alida’s website here.



5 Tools Every Singer Needs

In a world where auto tune reigns supreme, there are a few people who are still working to improve their voice. But they need tools to take it to the next step. This video’s for you.

Here is a list of the gear that I reference in this episode:

Dynamic Microphone: Shure SM58

Instrument Microphone: Shure SM57

Recording Software: GarageBand (currently version 10.1)

Power Amplifier: QSC MX 700–picked up in a pawn shop for $150. Try to do the same! This will save a lot of money.

Monitor: Yamaha BR 12M

Mixer: Yamaha MG 12XU


How the Pros Do Voice Lessons

This week, I am truly honored to interview Kevin and Candace Collins of the local Austin funk/soul/blues band Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures.

In addition to being great students, Kevin and Candace are also the lead singers of this very popular (and busy) 8-piece funk band. You can find them nearly every night of the weekend playing hour-plus gigs at any one of Austin’s venues.

Using their voices so often, I wondered if professional musicians treat voice lessons differently from other people? I talked to Kevin and Candace to find out.

Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures

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