Vowels: The Pro Singer’s Best Friend | Octave Higher TV E40

Vowels are an exceptionally important tool when you’re singing.

As a singer, I like to think of vowels as the spaces between consonants (like the “uh” in “Mum”).

While you may not be thinking about these open spaces in words, they are incredibly important because they are very easy to sing wrong or strain on.

Even if you’re singing a song with relatively simple words, vowels are still very important.

When the singing gets tough, you’d be surprised at how much easier it is to sing when you have your vowels in the right place.

I’ll explain…



Repertoire 101

Many students have a hard time choosing a song to work on during our time together.

There are so many songs to choose from, so here are my criteria for choosing a song that challenges you.

The song must have a variety in melody. It doesn’t just stay in one comfortable place. It moves and challenges you to stretch higher or lower in your range.

The song has good technique. In other words, can you understand the singer, or are they so bogged down with vocal effects and ornaments that you can’t figure out the melody or words?

By far the most important is that you have an emotional connection to the song. This will keep you enthused in the song, even when the going gets rough.

If you still can’t think of anything, no worries. I created the Octave Higher Mix Tape just for you. The Octave Higher Mix Tape is a collection of songs with good vocal technique and ranges in difficulty from easy to hard. Now you can choose from more than 100 songs! You can follow it here: The Octave Higher Mix Tape

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Food Voice

Food and the Voice

Food and drink can affect the voice on two levels.

One is at the vocal fold level, while the second affects the stomach and body as a whole.

Food/Drink can affect the vocal folds very quickly and acutely, like smoking or drinking alcohol.

But you also want to avoid foods that will increase the PH of your stomach which makes it more acidic.

Avoid sugar, dairy and grains right before singing. You should also drink lots of water or sparkling water if you’re craving an alcoholic beverage right before you sing.

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Singing Insecurity

4 Tips to Battle Your Singing Insecurity | Octave Higher TV E39

As a singing teacher, I see the effects of nerves (I call it “Singing Insecurity”) on singing all the time.

Whether in a live performance at a sold-out show, or just singing during a voice lesson, singing insecurity affects all singers.

The question becomes: How do I deal with those nerves?

I reached out to Alida Annicchiarico, my coteacher in Vancouver, Canada who specializes in wellness in singing to share her 4 tips for battling your singing insecurities.

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