How to Sing High Notes without Falsetto

How to Sing High Notes Without Falsetto | Works for Guys and Girls

One of the biggest benefits of taking voice lessons with a voice teacher or vocal instructor (especially those of us in Austin, TX with training in Speech Level Singing and the Institute for Vocal Advancement) is being able to sing high notes without Falsetto.

We’ve all had those experiences where we go to sing a high note, only to have our voice break, or have an airy falsetto come out.

Falsetto is produced when our vocal folds (or vocal cords) are too thin to resist the air coming from our lungs. The result? Straining, cracking, and that signature breathy falsetto sound.

What can we do to avoid this falsetto sound and how can we actually sing high notes with power?

I’ll show you the one simple exercise to sing high notes without falsetto that works for guys and girls.

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How to Sound Like Sam Smith/Adele/John Legend | Octave Higher TV E42

What makes stars like Sam Smith, Adele and John Legend sound so unique and interesting?

Some say it’s genetics. Others say that they’ve taken a ton of voice lessons. I believe the truth is somewhere in between.

Superstars like Sam Smith and Adele have found the intersection of phenomenal vocal genetics and vocal technique.

How can you imitate their voices successfully? There are plenty of vocal techniques out there that will claim to show you how to create these sounds. For me, I have found that one of the best and unexpected benefits of voice lessons has been understanding and developing my own unique voice.

Today, we explore the phenomenon of unique voices and what you need to do in order to sound like the best version of yourself!


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3 Places You Can Perform Right Now for FREE! | Octave Higher TV E41

No more excuses!

My students are always asking me where they can perform if they’re just starting out.

I think performing is one of the best thing my students can do after they’ve been taking voice lessons for a while. I can tell you there’s nothing like a performance to remind you while you’re taking singing lessons, and also make you aware of what you need to work on.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend throwing you to the wolves in a high pressure/high performance setting when you’re just starting out. That’s an easy way to kill your motivation.

In my mind, we want to find the golden medium performance setting where there is some pressure, but not so much that it’s not fun.

So here are three low stakes venues where you can start performing right now for free, whether you’ve never sung in public before or you’re a seasoned pro.