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What to expect for your first singing lessons

The first thing we’ll do in singing lessons is discuss your past, present and future training, performances and goals.

I will assess the quality of your range from the bottom to the top of your voice. This is the assessment section of the lesson.

Next, we’ll talk about the challenges you’ve been having vocally and their root causes without getting too technical or boring (even though there is a ton of cool research I do as a voice teacher).

Then I will prescribe exercises tailored specifically to improve your voice.  You should feel an improvement in range and quality quickly.

From there, the sky is the limit. Often, we’ll work on songs you love to develop your voice. Whether it’s increasing range, singing high notes without falsetto, or getting ready for a world tour, it’s important we get right to work on your voice.

The only thing that you should bring to our first singing lesson together is an idea of a song you might like to work on. We will normally try to have you sing a song during your first lesson to apply the exercises we cover.




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