I Am Grateful to Be Your Voice Teacher

Dear Students,

I am grateful to be your voice teacher. And I’ll tell you why!

I think it’s time to address an important, but often overlooked, ingredient in your success as musicians.


So many people think that to be successful, everything must line up to work perfectly, and this leads to your phenomenal success. But there has NEVER been a musician that hasn’t encountered a lot of obstacles.

I believe that the most important ingredient in your success is the gratitude for the ability to learn from your obstacles.

It’s easy to be grateful for success. But the challenges are where you learn.

I try to adopt this as a philosophy for everything I teach.

Look at the biography of Beethoven. Most people know that Beethoven was hearing impaired, but not everybody knows that he never even heard his later compositions.

If you’ve ever written a song, you can understand how amazing this concept is.

I have a hard enough time writing a crappy song with two really well trained ears.

Can you imagine being able to compose a sonata without being able to hear anything?

From Beethoven we learn to grateful for what we have, while we have it.

But Beethoven’s story also informs us we have a choice.

Are you going to engage with these obstacles as challenges, or are you going to be grateful for the opportunity to learn from them?

I would bet that for every challenge you face, there is something to learn, to gain, to improve upon.

Heck, you can find something to improve upon every time we work through a scale.

So be grateful that you have a voice that is challenging, always growing, always mysterious.

After all, without difficult voices, there are no good voice teachers.


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