Online Singing Lessons vs Private Voice Lessons: Which is Best?

Online Singing Lessons vs Private Voice Lessons: Which is Best?

Online Singing Lessons vs Private Singing Lessons

One of the most amazing things about the technology revolution is the ability for anyone anywhere to take online singing lessons. In terms of private voice lessons, Skype has made it so you don’t have to take private voice lessons near you. Actually, anyone with an internet connection can take a private singing lessons with the teacher of their choice.

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In addition to private voice lessons, another group of online singing lessons has appeared in the form of online singing classes or online singing courses.

But what’s the difference between one-on-one singing lessons and a free online singing course? And what are the pros and cons of each? Let’s examine the difference between them.

Online Singing Lessons

When I was first getting started with singing lessons, I did a lot of research on the best ways to sing. Around this time I felt my voice had hit a “wall”. There were certain notes I always sang in falsetto which was very disappointing because I was writing my own songs. I wanted to find the best way of learning to sing better and put what I learned into my own songs.

online singing lessons

The first thing that I did (maybe like yourself) was search for online voice lessons, preferably free. That’s when I found that there were a TON of free online voice lessons on Youtube and other blogs.

So I would watch the video, analyze the singer and the exercise he was asking me to do and I would try to sing the same way. This is how I first learned some of the most popular exercises to increase my vocal range.

But I knew that I was missing something. I would perform the exercises ritually, but I still felt that I had no direction. I would click through tons of videos but I didn’t feel there was ONE clear goal or a plan to get there.

Around this time, I started searching for a local voice teacher that could tell me exactly what I was missing. Soon, after moving to Austin, TX, I found the best voice teacher for my learning style. He even advocated that I perform MORE.

During our first 30-minute lesson together, my teacher was able to find ALL my vocal weaknesses and give me exercises that immediately improved them. It was nothing short of a revelation.

Private Voice Lessons

One of the greatest things that I got from my first lessons with a private voice teacher was a clear sense of direction to work towards. I can’t overstate how important this simple concept is. When I was following online singing tips, I would be able to do the exercise, but there was no context or end goal that I was aware of. However in my one-on-one voice lessons, I could see the goal and we set a plan to achieve it together.


The other huge advantage to taking one-on-one singing lessons was that the teacher was able to give me feedback immediately upon doing something incorrect. With online lessons, there is no ability for the teacher to respond directly to your execution of the exercise. The importance of feedback cannot be overestimated.

Even today, when there are tons of singing apps which can measure your pitch and tell you if you’re singing out of tune, that same app won’t be able to tell you WHY you’re singing flat, and certainly not HOW to avoid doing this in the future.

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Looking back on my experiences with online singing lessons, I can say they certainly helped me get started. I believe that ANY vocal exercise is probably superior to NO exercise for a beginner. However, once you have a little bit of singing knowledge and are trying to accomplish clear goals (even if they change in time), there is no substitute for in-person singing lessons.

Summary of Online Singing Lessons and Private Voice Lessons

Let’s recap some of the pros and cons to online singing lessons versus in-person voice lessons.

Online Singing Lessons


  • Easy to find lots of info on demand
  • Affordable (or free)
  • Convenient


  • One size fits all approach
  • No individual feedback
  • Inconsistent information from different teachers

Private Voice Lessons


  • Lesson goals and plans tailored to your voice
  • Relationship with a mentor/teacher
  • Quickest way to train your unique voice


  • More expensive
  • Need to travel (even if they’re local)
  • Need to work with the teacher’s schedule

A Few Things to Note

I think it’s important to start your vocal instruction by studying online singing lessons. The fact that you’re interested in developing your singing voice is marvelous in and of itself. When looking at online singing lessons, try to find a course or class that is instructed by a teacher who is certified. It’s also important they have an attractive vocal style. You may be able to go a long way just by imitating the instructor.

Once you’ve spent some time developing your voice with online instruction, consider taking a private voice lesson. This way, you can see if a live singing teacher is able to help you overcome the issues you’ve been struggling with.

In the end, online singing classes are a great tool to get you to the next level. Just be aware that at a certain point, you should expect to outgrow online voice lessons and you may need personalized feedback in order to continue advancing.

Consider taking a trial free voice lesson to get started with private voice lessons.

Singing lessons are available for students in Austin or Round Rock, TX or by Skype, worldwide.

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