About Singing Lessons in Austin

About Singing Lessons at Octave Higher East Voice Studio

Singing Lessons in Austin

Singing Lessons in Austin

Matt Ramsey teaches singing lessons in Austin, TX and founded Austin’s vocal studio Octave Higher East in 2012.

Matt is an Institute for Vocal Advancement certified voice teacher, songwriter, and blogger.

In his years teaching singing lessons in Austin, Matt has helped develop singers in nearly every genre of music. From rock to pop, jazz to musical theater, Matt believes his training and world class vocal technique can help anyone achieve their goals.

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Things you should expect from singing lessons at Octave Higher East Voice Studio:

  • A stronger mix (that is, the blend of chest and head voice)
  • Improved pitch and tone
  • Knowledge of your range
  • A real understanding of what your voice is and can do
  • Tools to help you communicate from the stage better

Singing Lessons in Austin

About the Technique

Everything I do is designed to help my students become the best musicians they can possibly be. For me, that means teaching singing lessons to vocalists of all levels.

I teach singing lessons as a way of giving back for all the amazing gifts music has brought me.

The vocal technique I teach completely transformed my voice years ago. It also happens to be the same technique used by more than 100 Grammy winners. It’s called Speech Level Singing and was pioneered by Seth Riggs, “Voice Coach to the Stars”—boasting Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as clients.

But I teach this technique because I know it’s the simplest, fastest and most effective way of getting you on the stage and performing, no matter what level you are! Speech Level Singing and my certifying organization, the Institute for Vocal Advancement, believe in achieving a balanced registration from the bottom to the top of your voice while keeping a resting larynx. That means hitting high notes without falsetto, singing more powerfully and finding your true voice. This amazing singing technique can be applied to any genre of music.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re speaking there is no tension or manipulation in your voice because your intention is to communicate clearly. Singing should be the same!

Speech Level Singing aims to help you sing across your entire range without any tension or strain. With exercises and lessons custom tailored to your specific voice, we will get you singing higher and more beautifully than you thought possible. If you’re interested, consider booking a trial free voice lesson to get started.

What People are Saying About Singing Lessons at Octave Higher East


Matt is an amazing vocal coach! He helped me identify the issues with my voice and was really great at communicating what I needed to do to improve. I’ve worked with over 6 voice teachers and Matt really is one of the best. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to take singing lessons.

Brett Randell Singer/Songwriter

This is my daughter’s first experience ever with voice lessons and Matt is an excellent teacher. He is able to accommodate children and adults with his teaching style. My daughter loves him and I have noticed a significant improvement in the power in her voice!

Arianna Pierce Singer

Matt is patient, personable, and accommodating. Total judgement-free zone! He is interested in your personal goals, and making sure you meet them.

Candace Collins Singer

Matt is a super voice teacher for all age levels. His classes are fun with lots of positive energy–and it’s great to experience progress so rapidly!

Paula Starche Singer

My Certification

As a voice teacher, I am certified with the Institute for Vocal Advancement. The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) is among the highest quality voice teacher training associations in the world; with over 1,000 members. As a teacher, I follow a rigorous education plan, including vocal pedagogy, knowledge of repertoire, and teacher training.

The point is:

With this world-class vocal technique and education, IVA prepares all of its teachers to meet the demands of today’s singer.

To learn more about IVA, check out their site.

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Singing Lessons in Austin

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