Matt Ramsey

Matt Ramsey

Matt Ramsey teaches singing lessons using the Speech Level Singing (SLS) and Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) methods.  The IVA and SLS techniques are used by over 100 Grammy winners in every genre of music.

Matt founded Octave Higher East in 2012 and is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and blogger. In his years teaching at Octave Higher East, Matt has helped develop singers in nearly every genre of music. From rock to pop, jazz to musical theater,

Whether you want to hit high notes without falsetto, get more control of your voice or gain confidence onstage, voice lessons with the Octave Higher East Voice Studio can help you achieve your goals.

Matt Jensen

Hands down, the best vocal coach I've come across online or in person. Totally non-judgmental and I've seen a huge improvement in my voice in just a couple weeks. Also does Skype classes which is really convenient for me since I travel a lot. Highly recommended!

Matt Jensen / Singer

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